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eLearning Resources


Remind is an app which allows messages to be sent to a group (class).  It can also be used to directly communicate between an individual student and teacher. 

  • Make sure to sign up for the Remind for your class immediately if you have not already done so!

  • Remind may be set up to receive messages directly by text or you may download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play

  • To receive messages by text:

    • Text the appropriate class code below to 81010

  • To receive messages in the app:

    • Choose "Add a class" and add the appropriate text code

    • Make sure you allow notifications so you can see when Ms. Lange has sent out a Remind message

  • Class codes: TBA

    • Ambassadors:  

    • Chorus Parents:  

    • Freshman Ladies:  

    • Men's Chorus:  

    • Silhouettes:  

    • Women's Choirs:  



Canvas is Hillsborough County's new assignment and grading portal. Canvas can be used for a variety of things including assignments, quizzes, tests, class discussions, rehearsal recordings, emails and other communications. 

  • The Canvas website is

  • Students log on using their student number and already-established school passwords.

  • As of yet, students will NOT have a schedule or any classes in Canvas. This will be coming soon.



Zoom is a video conferencing tool that can be used from a mobile device or computer to meet "live". 

  • The Zoom website is

  • If you will be using a mobile device, download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  • Stay tuned for more information and/or meeting links from Ms. Lange.


In addition to accessing your Chorus financial account and forms and receiving communications, during eLearning, we will be able to use Charm's Recording Studio function. The Recording Studio function will be utilized for audition recordings within the choral department.

NOTE:  If you do NOT know your Charms password, check with your parent(s) to see if they know the password.  If neither of you know your password, send a Remind message to Ms. Lange and ask her to reset your password to your student number by stating your name and say "password reset please".  She will respond to you and let you know when your password has been reset to your student number.  A student and parent(s) share the same password!!!  If your parent is accessing financials, etc. in Charms, use the same password they are using.  If you have Ms. Lange reset your password, your parent will need to use the new password.

  • The Charms website is

  • Click on "login" in the top right corner and go to the "Parent/Student/Members" tab.

  • Enter the school code:  bdalehschoir

  • Enter your password.  You will be redirected to your login page.

  • Click on "Recording Studio".

  • Once inside the Recording Studio, click on the green "Assignments" tab to the right.

  • You will be redirected to the Assignments screen.  Locate the assignment.

    • NOTE:  Your device will ask your permission to use your microphone.  You will need to allow access. Ms. Lange will be the only person that hears your audio recording.

  • All further directions are on the Recording Studio screen.

  • To hear your audio recording play back, click the task you have recorded.

  • Make sure to submit the recording!

Sight Reading Factory:


  • The Sight Reading Factory website is

  • Students will click "login" and be given a code to use for their own personal Sight Reading Factory account.

  • Ms. Lange will create assignments from time to time that will need to be recorded (video or audio) to the site for grading.

  • This is an AMAZING resource our boosters have graciously purchased for us. It also allows students to practice sight reading for upcoming events and auditions. 

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